" A Work in Progress with the Title 'Where Does the Art Lie?' "

An interactive screening event produced by Karolina Magnusson Murray and Leon Platt. Commissioned through Hotel Elephant's Small Commissioning Program, funded through Southwark Councils Arts Grant Fund.


About the work:

Karolina Magnusson and Leon Platt’s process is socially engaged and collaborative. On the 20th April, Karolina and Leon will produce a site-specific screening event, ‘A work in progress with the title “where does the art lie?’’’ which considers the historical and conceptual significance of the Café/Salon environment.

The interactive screening event, will be in the format of a video essay in its developmental stage. The screening involves a set of chapters, each will be approximately 15mins in duration. Between each chapter there will be a period of time where the guests will have the opportunity to discuss the previous chapter as the work is progressing. The work is intentionally being presented in its developmental stage, as it gives the guests the opportunity to contribute to the actual making of the work as a whole, with the feedback they give being interwoven into the work in real time. The event therefore becomes the making of the work itself generating a democratic and participatory venture. This event will not only be a live work through the participatory discussions and the projected footage, it will also be documented and each guest will receive a copy of the work post event.

Each chapter contains footage of a surreal collaborative project by four artists, who embarked on a journey into an isolated forest where they lived together for a month, exploring the nature of Art through surreal forms of practice and dialogue. The dialogue within the footage will act as a catalyst for the discussion periods between chapters in the space in real time. Some of the themes that will be addressed will revolve around different aspects of artistic practice, medium, decision-making and discourse including; intentionality; collaboration; participation; intellectual property; institutional critique; post-modern irony and deconstruction and new sincerity.

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